Welcome to the website of the Omaha Police Welfare and Benefit Association.  We are a benevolence group of active-duty Omaha police officers who, as an association, pool resources via monthly dues collection.  Our finances are put to work in investment vehicles providing the best available return for our membership without exposing the association to undue risk.

The purpose of this Association shall be to preserve the high standard of integrity of those serving as sworn police officers; to cultivate a spirit of harmonious cooperation with the Omaha Police Department; to promote and encourage health, recreational, and social activities; to serve the best interests and welfare of all Association Members and their families; to promote better public relations between the citizens of Omaha and members of the Omaha Police Force who serve them; and all other lawful activities incident to the foregoing.

Eligible Members may receive, upon application, a health and wellness benefit,   The health and wellness benefits may be used for any or all of the following activities:  vacations, participation in sports, athletic, exercise or fitness endeavors, dues or fees at gyms, health spas, golf, tennis, or other recreational or health clubs, or any similar type organizations or facilities, wellness training, classes or instructions in yoga, dance, martial arts, or any other health or physical fitness activity, physical therapy, sporting equipment, therapeutic equipment, medical assistance of any kind, including home health care, transportation, and the like, or any other similar activity to the foregoing whose primary objective is the health and wellness of the Member and his or her dependents.

  A member must have at least 10 years tenure to be eligible for any this Health and Wellness benefit
Our hallmark event is the annual picnic.  This beloved gathering is enjoyed by all association members and their families. 

If you are an association member and find yourself in need of emergency financial aid due to an unbudgetable expense, click into the Resources folder where you can download the necessary document to request association assistance.


The Omaha Police Welfare and Benefit Association